Avoid giving priority to price over the safety of plumbing

plumbing tipsThe results of a survey conducted amongst 2000 households in Britain reveals the following interesting results:

  • 69% of households look first at the price rather than the credentials of a professional plumber.
  • On the other hand, 33% of households end up being charged significantly more than the original price quoted.
  • 23% of households have been a victim of fake plumbers and an additional 23% have heard of people who ended up hiring fake plumbers for the job. Consequently, major financial expenditures occur in rectifying the plumbing mistakes.
  • The same survey company has found that in the past few years, Britain has spent £2.6bn in correcting badly done plumbing jobs.

Experts comment on this situation saying that due to the recent recession, sometimes it is understandable for people to focus on price rather than quality. However, when it comes to choosing a plumber, cost cutting can actually end up coming at a bigger price. If you do not make sure your plumber has the required qualifications for the job, there is a high chance that the person you choose may be a rogue who will not only charge too much for the job but will also do a poor plumbing job in your house. The worst that could happen in this situation is that you will put your house at a risk for safety implications and also you may have to let out a major fortune to rectify the plumbing issue.